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Cheesy Horror Film Costume Inspired by Hitchcock’s “The Birds”

I was invited to a Halloween party with a Cheesy Horror Movies theme. I couldn’t come up with an original idea, so I turned to Google to search old horror movies. When I saw Alfred Hiitchcock’s movie The Birds, I knew I had found my costume. Especially since my nickname is Bird! The trick was to find the same color green suit as worn by Tippi Hedren, but persistence does pay off. At the 3rd Goodwill store, I found it! Suit secured, I bought a bunch of black foam birds covered in feathers and a headband at the Dollar store. I either pinned or sewed the birds on my suit in various locations. With the headband, I took off the purple bats that came on it and attached the birds. I also pinned a bird to my high heels and my watch. If you wear this costume, don’t forget to practice “the stance”, covering your face and screaming like the birds are attacking you. My costume was a hit at the party as everyone remembered being so scared from that movie! Nowadays, it is considered a cheesy horror flick. How times change!

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