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Creepy Hitchcock “The Birds” Attack Costume

Went to a resale shop with absolutely no costume idea. Came across this early 60’s  “Tippy Hedren” looking dress & there it was! THE BIRDS!! I headed to the dollar store and picked up a bunch of crows. Then I found a big crow on a headband’ glued a plastic eyeball in its beak and used blue and red string for optic nerves. I cut ” peck marks randomly all over the dress then hand sewed the birds near the peck marks & made them all bloody. I topped off with some white fishnets & Mary Janes (bloodied them of course) it was a huge hit! Was going to add a blonde wig but I have too much hair already so I French twisted it then pecked out random pieces. I was one of 2 winners of  costume contest at the party I attended.  The only thing I would change is to NOT attach any birds to my butt. I had to stand all night!

Creepy Hitchcock

Creepy Hitchcock

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