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Coolest Sweeney Todd Halloween Costume

Well I just saw the movie this year after my sister rented it one weekend and I fell in love with it. The music was amazing and I was so excited when Halloween came around because I knew that is what I wanted to be, and because I am a girl it would be that much funnier.

The shirt and vest were made by my grandmother and actually came from the pattern of a pirate costume that we found. The pants are my father’s, and the boots are my mothers. The razor was made from two pieces of cardboard on a hinge, and spray paint from my dads work. The wig is an old vampire wig that we frayed and pined back. The blood on my sleeves and towel is just theatrical blood mixed with water. My face is just white face paint and black Crayola marker. Then my gloves were an old pair that I cut up.

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Sweeney Todd Halloween Costume”

  1. I’m making a ST costume from the same pirate pattern also, but I’m modifying it to make it closer to the movie
    pretty good cosplay tho, the vest is more of a dark brown than black tho o well
    and maybe go lighter on the white makeup, he’s supposed to be pale, but not white.

  2. I’d be really super appreciative if you could tell me what pirate costume you borrowed the patterns from? I have a lovely design for Mrs. Lovett picked out, but I’m having a terrible time with Todd – I found 3 patterns that have one piece each that would fit, but I can’t afford $50+ in patterns alone!

    Again, I’m be very, very appreciate if you’d share which pirate costume that was!

    Thank you in advance, either way!


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