I researched online what exactly she looked like, so that the Statue of Liberty costume would be completely accurate.

I found this unique fabric, that had a shimmer to it, at Jo-Anns fabrics. I bought 12 yards of it, made a real long dress and draped the rest of the material around my shoulders. I bought the shoes a local goodwill, and spray painted them. I made her crown out of foam and a foam visor I found at Wal-Mart. The wig was also purchased at Wal-Mart and I pinned it to the crown and spray painted it as well.

I found that flashlight, believe it or not, at a costume store, and it was only $1.99! I also added clay to the bottom of it to make it look like the torch and added poster board around the light to make it look realistic.

I think the total amount of money spent on this was around $30. I won first place at a Halloween costume contest last year.