I originally wanted to be a giant fireworks display but I was having trouble figuring out how to make a headpiece. I wanted it to be large and dramatic.   I then thought I would attach Styrofoam to a crown. At first I experimented with beauty pageant crown but you could see all the pieces of the shiny floral arrangements I was going to use. I kept brainstorming and the best crown I could think of was the Statue of Liberty!

So my costume morphed into the 4th of July Statue of Liberty.  I wore the costume last weekend to a 5K race in Fort Worth, Texas and I was surprised how many people loved my costume for its patriotic feeling.  I had so many people want to take a picture with me.  I had two runners want to take pictures with me because they would be racing in the New York City Marathon and thought it would be a perfect Facebook profile.   At the 5K I had my niece come along with me….and we made her the Big Apple by putting a huge shiny apply on her head.

We got a lot of great reactions.  For Halloween tomorrow I am going to add some blinking lights to the headpiece to give it more of a Fireworks feel.    I make costumes every year but this is one of my favorites mainly because it made so many people happy.