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Coolest Homemade Statue of Liberty Costume

My daughter decided that she would be the ‘Statue of Liberty’ this Halloween.

My mom found some shiny, silky, teal green material and bought a few yards. She then sewed it together forming a gown. She added the sash and a piece of Velcro to the back to keep the sash in place. The crown’s base was taken from an old tiara we had. We used cardboard to form a semi-circle around the tiara and to add the points. We had leftover material and hot-glued the material to the crown to make sure that the colors matched.

For the torch, we used cardboard to form the base and then wrapped the base with leftover material. We cut a small hole in the top of the base so that a small flashlight could be inserted. Yellow and orange construction paper was glued to the top to cover the flashlight bulb and to look like flames.

I couldn’t find matching color face paint and hair paint so I went to the local Halloween store and bought a teal and white face paint and mixed the two together. The color turned out perfect and I applied it to her face, neck and ears and combed it through her hair. The face paint will come off easily with soap and water but I had to apply olive oil to her hair, prior to washing, to get it all out of her hair.

She received a ton of compliments for her Homemade Statue of Liberty Costume!

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