Homemade Guardian Angel Statue Costume for a 9 Year Old Girl

My daughter asked me to make her a Guardian Angel Statue costume for Halloween. Because she is in school most of the day, I wrapped her in packing tape to make a dress-form that would stay still.

Her costume started with a sheet, as most of the costumes I make do. Once I pinned the basic shape, I sewed the main folds and some elastic in the waist. The folds in the dress and wrap are painted using leftover house paint and acrylics.

While the paint and splatter technique created a big mess, it didn’t come close to the mess I made creating the wings. I used two sheets of foam, the kind used to pack furniture, for each wing. I carved the wings with a fillet knife and sanded them with fine sandpaper and nail files. The foam flies everywhere! I put wire in between the layers and glued them with construction adhesive used for foam insulation. I added white glue to the paint I used for the wings and wig because it helps to fill in cracks and smooth the rough areas.

After making a harness that attached to her belt, I drilled two holes for the wings to slip into. Two small slits were cut into the dress so we could easily attach the wings once we go out of the car… no sitting in this costume.

Her homemade Guardian Angel Statue costume was a hit! She was asked to pose for pictures with 30+ people. My daughter stayed in character, closing her eyes and posing her hands for every picture. She had a blast! I’m still cleaning up the mess.

Homemade Guardian Angel Statue Costume for a 9 Year Old Girl

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