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Coolest Star Wars Tie Fighter and Ship Costume

The Star Wars Tie Fighter with Tie Fighter Jet was a little intense but ultimately the end result was better than expected. I re-used an old Boppy pillow and covered it with black material and used it for the body of the ship. To this I glued the two side panels of the ship. The side panels were made from Styrofoam poster board and painted with the pattern of the panels on the ship.

I then sewed in shoulder straps to the Boppy so that my son didn’t have to hold onto the ship while walking. To save on material I purchased a single size bed sheet for $4.00 and had more than enough material. For the Tie Fighter Helmet I used an old bicycle helmet and added on to it to create a very close representation of the pictures I printed of the computer.

I turned the helmet backwards, painted it black and used the black craft foam to make the face shield part. An old pair of sunglasses served as the basis of the face shield and I built off of there. I also used toilet paper rolls to create some of the facial structure and covered it with the black craft foam.

For the tubes I used black plastic cable cover found at your local hardware store. I cut out a large square of material and cut out an inner square to fit over my son’s head to attach the chest box to. The chest box was simply a small cardboard box painted with holes to attach the tube which ran from the face mask to the chest box. Pair this with a long sleeve black shirt and black pants and you have your Star Wars Tie Fighter and Ship Costume.

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