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Coolest S’mores Halloween Costume

I love the idea of home made costumes for Halloween. This year I wanted something that we could be as a group and something that was original. That’s how the S’mores Halloween costume was born!

It seemed only natural to have the boys be the chocolate and marshmallow, as the family (or grahams) revolve around them anyway. How perfect was it that Justin is tall and skinny, like a Hershey bar and Jaekob is, well soft and squishy, like a marshmallow?

Construction of the costumes was fairly easy. The grahams are simply light weight poster board, wrapped in felt material. Detail was added with a simple brown marker. The front and back graham were attached to each other by felt of matching color. The beginning construction of the Hershey bar was the same as the grahams. However, first the ends of the poster boards were wrapped in basic kitchen aluminum foil before the dark brown felt “wrapper” was attached.

The letters spelling Hershey were drawn by freehand on white felt and cut by hand. They were attached to the costume with iron on adhesive. The front and back of the Hershey bar were attached to each other by felt of matching color. The base of the marshmallow is a complete roll of batting used for quilting. The roll was wrapped around Jaek’s body snugly. The end of the roll was pinned with safety pins. Arm holes were cut and the entire tube was wrapped in white felt, which was secured with safety pins. The fitting and construction of the marshmallow was perfect for easy dressing and undressing. That aspect was vital in order for him to ride safely in his car seat. This costume also easily kept him warm on a chilly evening. Overall construction time was three hours start to finish, which I was very pleased with!

These costumes were a great hit! In a crowd full of store bought, plastic costumes, they undoubtedly stood out!

S More Costume

S More Costume

S More Costume

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