Coolest S’more Kids Costume

We usually try to all dress up in a theme each year and this year we decided S’mores would be fun. However, I made a twist on the idea and had each child be a different ingredient! Put it together and “voila”….a S’More Costume.

For the crackers, I used tan felt and glued two poster boards to each, then sewed the two square pieces together, leaving room for the arms and head. The bottom was completely open. I used a brown marker to make the “dimples” in the graham cracker.

For the Hershey bar, I used dark brown felt made the same way as the crackers but without the poster board. I cut the Hershey letters out of white felt and glued them on to the “bar”.

For the little marshmallow, I dressed her in white tights and a white shirt. I took a king pillow with a white case and wrapped it around her, fastening it together with safety pins. It was tight enough to stay up so I didn’t have to use straps on her shoulders. I took white felt and tucked it all around the pillow. Then I put white hair paint in her hair.

When I put the “S’more” together, I let out the bottom of the marshmallow to make it look like it was melting.

3 thoughts on “Coolest S’more Kids Costume”

  1. We were planning on dressing up a SMore for Halloween this year and I was trying to figure out the marshmallow and Hershey bar. Thanks!

  2. I love this costume! What a great idea! It brings a smile to my face. Now I just need to hunt down enough felt to make it happen….

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