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10+ Coolest Homemade Smores Costumes

Smores are the ultimate campfire treat. They are a perfect blend of deliciousness with their crunchiness, melted chocolate and creamy marshmallow goodness. This scrumptious collection honors the perfection of this tasty snack with these awesome homemade smores costumes.

There are three elements in classic smores: graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. You will see some DIY costumes here with the ingredients all sandwiched together in one perfect bite. Another idea is to divide up each food item as it’s own costume. This is a fabulous idea for a group or family costume.

In addition, you will discover the coolest design secrets to create a chocolate bar. Some of these DIY costumes are so realistic that you may want to take a big bite. You probably shouldn’t, though.

So enjoy this tempting homemade costume selection! They will not melt in your hand but they may give you a craving for smores costumes of your own.