Awesome Homemade ‘Smores Family Halloween Costume

Awesome Homemade 'Smores Family Halloween Costume

I will admit that I got the idea for my sister’s family ‘Smores costume from Pinterest – we were looking up family costumes for 3 that could also be made to work for 2, since her husband was going to be away for some of the Halloween festivities. I wound up putting a lot of … Read more

Coolest S’mores Homemade Halloween Costume

Three years ago I was at a bonfire in September.  We were eating s\'mores.  It was that day I decided that I wanted to be a s\'more for

Three years ago I was at a bonfire in September. We were eating s’mores. It was that day I decided that I wanted to be a s’more for Halloween! I looked online for some ideas and they were all the same: Two pieces of cardboard on either side of for the graham crackers, something brown … Read more

Coolest S’more Kids Costume

S'more Costume

We usually try to all dress up in a theme each year and this year we decided S’mores would be fun. However, I made a twist on the idea and had each child be a different ingredient! Put it together and “voila”….a S’More Costume. For the crackers, I used tan felt and glued two poster … Read more

Coolest S’mores Halloween Costume

The Sweetest Family!

I love the idea of home made costumes for Halloween. This year I wanted something that we could be as a group and something that was original. That’s how the S’mores Halloween costume was born! It seemed only natural to have the boys be the chocolate and marshmallow, as the family (or grahams) revolve around … Read more

Coolest Homemade S’more Family Costume

Homemade S'more Family Costume

My three kids just love this camp site treat! So I thought, why not be what they eat and make them a Homemade S’more Family Costume! I used cardboard and wire hangers as the frames. The graham cracker is felt, the Hershey bar is fabric with individually stuffed rectangles, and my toasty marshmallow is batting … Read more

Coolest DIY Original S’mores Trio Group Costume

DIY Original S'mores Trio Group Costume

We are huge camping fans, so S’mores are a staple for our family. My son had the idea for the DIY original S’mores trio group costume, but turning that into a reality fell to me. The Hershey’s costume was the easiest. I used a single curtain panel and cut the bottom hem off to make … Read more

Coolest Homemade S’mores Family Halloween Costume

Homemade S'mores Family Halloween Costume

Our family campground has trick or treat camping, so we created a homemade S’mores family Halloween costume. The marshmallow was made out of a collapsible hamper. I had to tie up the sides to make the hamper shorter and I then cover the whole thing with quilting batting. I cut a hole in the top … Read more

Coolest Homemade S’mores Halloween Costume

Homemade S'mores Halloween Costume

This is little Violet in a Homemade S’mores Halloween Costume! I had the idea for it when my daughter was asking me for some marshmallows (which she just loves), and I told her she was going to turn into a marshmallow and realized she’d make a cute S’mores. She is the marshmallow and she’s sandwiched … Read more

Smores Costume

My friend Jill and I didn’t have much money left in the piggy bank so we went for a budget friendly Halloween costume. We got thick foam board and covered it with brown construction paper representing the gram cracker. We then divided it into four sections and put brown dots with sharpie marker. We then … Read more