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Coolest Homemade Candy Group Halloween Costume

My girls wanted to be candy this year for Halloween. So, instead of being one big piece of Hershey’s Kiss, we thought we would make bags of candy with many pieces. The pictures don’t do these homemade candy group Halloween costumes justice and unfortunately I had to re-take pictures after the costumes had been worn, smashed, and deflated in order to submit them to this site. We were thrilled to get 2ND place at our annual Recreation Place costume contest and received an abundance of compliments at all the places we attended, including ‘trick or treating’.

All the supplies were purchased at our local Dollar Tree at about $10 total for both costumes.

* 1 box pre-cut aluminum foil sheets $1
* 24 birthday party hats $3
* white party ribbon $1
* 3 rolls clear plastic gift wrap $3
* 1 bag heavy duty small balloons $1
* poster boards in yellow and red $1
* blue marker and black permanent marker(on hand)
* gray tissue paper (on hand)
* hot glue and packaging tape (on hand)

I made the clear bags by measuring and cutting them to fit each girl at approximately 3 ft each doubled. I taped the sides together and left the tops partially open to be able to add balloons or make repairs to kisses.

To make the costumes easily removable, I decided to have the girls wear the bags of candy on the front and for their backs I made a separate sheet of clear wrapping paper that attached with shoulder straps to the front. This made it very easy for them to remove their costumes and ride hayrides and jump in bouncers, while allowing the girls to feel like they were ‘in’ their bags. Envision the costumes fitting like a sandwich board.

I free hand drew the Hershey’s logo on the front in permanent marker. I made the Jelly Belly bag have a paper closure at the top with a cutout as if it could hang on a store hook. I blew up the jelly bean colored balloons and positioned them in their bag. The Kisses were made out of birthday cone hats and foil which I hot glued together. I added white ‘Hershey’s’ label tags to each Kiss and taped them for extra measure. I had to hot glue the Kisses in place in order for it to work in their bag.

I made a Hershey’s hat out of two opened birthday hats and squished it a little after gluing the foil on, in order for it to look less like a cone. The backs were made by copying logos as closely as possible and taping them on a flat clear sheet of gift wrap. I used gray tissue paper and foil for the Kisses bag.

I used red and yellow poster board for the Jelly Belly logo. Lastly, I drew two jelly beans with face paint on one child and Hershey’s Kisses on the other child’s cheeks. The response was amazing!

Homemade Candy Group Halloween Costume

Homemade Candy Group Halloween Costume

Homemade Candy Group Halloween Costume

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