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The Very Best Last-Minute Costume Idea: Bag of Jelly Beans!

For Halloween I decided I was not going to buy a ready made costume from the store! I wanted to make something cool that went with my cheerful personality and with my silliness!! What’s funnier than a jellybean? haha, well, this was somewhat easy to make but difficult to wear! But so hilarious!! It was a hit!! I work at a call center so it was pretty funny to sit in a chair and talk on the phone and not help but laugh!! I also handed out bags of jelly beans to my managers and friends at work!!

Trash Bags:

First I went to the store and bought the plastic clear bags for leaves is what it said on the bag! Get a big enough size for your size! Mine may have been a 55 gallon bag, just make sure you fit in it and there is plenty of room for balloons to go inside! You will cut on each side of the trash bag at the bottom. Make sure you leave an uncut strip at the bottom near middle,  ONLY the left and right part will need to be cut so you can still get your feet through, kinda like underwear!

Balloon Time:

You will then use small balloons to represent jelly beans! Don’t put too much air in it or you will find that many don’t fit and it will appear strange looking. You want to buy the color ones to represent the differ ant flavors!!  Also try stretching them out and form them oval-like so they look more like jelly beans!!

 Dress Up Time:

You want to stick your feet in the clear plastic bag FIRST! Then fill it in with jelly beans (balloons). Make sure you organize it to where you spread out the colors or however you want!! Then once that’s done tie it up at the top with a ribbon around my neck!! closing the bag! You can also print a jelly belly picture or draw it and put it on the front, however you want  and add any other accessory you want.

The fun part was driving back home on the way off work! Surprisingly they did not pop when I sat on them! :D  and yes I won 1st place on the costume contest at work!!

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