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Coolest Homemade Jelly Belly Costumes

Here’s how we made our Homemade Jelly Belly Costumes:
Items you need
1. A pair of sweats, both the pants and tops, in any bright color you like as the first layer
2. A strong, transparent, plastic garbage type of bag
3. Small balloons to blow up and put in the bag to resemble Jelly Beans
4. Red and white poster board and black marker to make the logo to go on the front of the bag. It’s simple and you can get samples of a box of Jelly Bellys at any candy store
5 A head band and plastic to attach to it so that the top of the bag seems to be on your head
6. ribbon
7. shoes, preferably tennis shoes

Put on the sweats and the shoes, and put the prepared logo on the bag. Slip your feet through the bag’s foot holes and hold it open to put filled balloons in it. Put your arms through the arm holes and lightly tie the bag at the neck with ribbon.

Next, put the head band with the plastic attached to it on your head. Now you’re a jelly bag. Its really cute and a cool idea! Have fun with it!

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  1. These instructions along with this photo of the 2 girls make no sense whatsoever. These are not the right instructions. The top of the bag is not on their head and they don’t appear to have stepped inside the bag. They are wearing suspenders as well and there is no mention of that.


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