Coolest Homemade Jelly Belly Costumes

Homemade Jelly Belly Costumes

Here’s how we made our Homemade Jelly Belly Costumes: Items you need 1. A pair of sweats, both the pants and tops, in any bright color you like as the first layer 2. A strong, transparent, plastic garbage type of bag 3. Small balloons to blow up and put in the bag to resemble Jelly … Read more

Coolest Homemade iPod and Earbuds Costume

Homemade iPod and Earbuds Costume

If your little one is a music fan, or is used to seeing you attached to your iPod, you may want to re-consider throwing away the box when your next package arrives. With a little paint, minimal artistic talent and a few supplies you will find around your home, you can easily create a Homemade … Read more