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Flavored Jelly Belly Costumes: Fun and Easy to Make

I saw the idea for Jelly Belly costumes on the Internet and decided to add a little flavor to the costume, literally.  I came up with “popcorn” Jelly Belly  and my friend was “pineapple” Jelly Belly.  We used colored construction paper and cut it out and glued it to cardboard for the sign. We also used to stencils for writing Jelly Belly. We then stapled a clear garbage bag to the back of the sign.

We filled the bag with small balloons for the Jelly Belly’s. We used a string to tie the around our neck.  The sign was lightweight.  For my “popcorn” I made a hat made out of white construction paper and strung popcorn and taped the strings to the inside of the hat for a ” bag of popcorn” effect.  My friend painted her face like a pineapple and cut the top off of a real pineapple and strung it on her head.  She also spray painted Styrofoam yellow and made hoop pineapple earrings.  She won 1st place at a Halloween costume party! A lot of people came up to us and asked to take our picture with them.

The costumes were a hit!  This is a fun costume idea for all ages! You can really have some fun with other flavors too, like cotton candy, root beer, and bubble gum flavored Jelly Belly’s.

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