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Coolest Sexy Peacock Costumes

It all started about a week ago. Me, and my friend were sitting around the table, doing the norm. Suddenly we decided a costume was needed. We were going to be hitting up all the major clubs in AC, getting crazy in NYC, and a standard costume was not gonna cut it. Of course, being the beautiful smart girls we are, we had a few ideas. After realizing a horse suit would lose its flair after the initial entrance/shock, we thought hey, lets be Sexy Peacock Costumes.

Shortly after, we were raging through the malls and the entire peacocking section of Michaels. A glue gun, a plan, and we were off. We shook our tail feathers, flapped our wings, and peacock swagged the night away.

Yes, we got compliments.
Yes, girls were jealous.
Yes, you can steal our idea for next year.

Enjoy this picture and vote for us, because hey, Peacocking ain’t easy.

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