Halloween 2012 on Pex Project Battleship!

Sailor Moon:

Green Sailor Scout costume. Green skirt and white top, attached into a dress with a green collar and a big pink bow added to the front and the back.  White knee high boots with matching green knee high socks underneath.  White gloves with matching green around the ends. Green choker made from extra fabric, and a Sailor Scout head band with a green gem in the front. 2 green balls in the hair. HA.  A nice touch to this costume? The animae eyes. They are painted on with acrylic paint which washes off very easily.

Tuxedo Mask:

A rental tux, or real if you own one. Tuxedo came with white gloves, a cane and a top hat. Black tuxedo shoes will match.  You just need a black cape with red interior, and a white mask.  And a little red flower looks good.

Photo credit: Redlite Photos!! Thank you!