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Cute Homemade Costume for a Woman: Sexy Sailor Mars

I wanted to do something Anime, and I have always liked the cartoon Sailor Moon, so I decided to be Sailor Mars, because I didn’t have to do much to my hair.  I bought red and purple ribbon for the sash and bow (most supplies bought at Michael’s), and glued the purple ribbon into a bow shape.  With the red ribbon, I used white puffy paint to paint a stripe down the center of the entire ribbon and let it dry.

After it was dry I used some fabric glue to attach the purple bow to the red one.  Then–because I don’t sew, and didn’t want to ruin my white shirt– I laid the shirt on a flat surface and used a few safety pins to attach the red ribbon to my white shirt, this was probably the trickiest part.  I had also purchased a gold headband and some foam stick-on decorations which I cut into the shape of a jewel and stuck on the headband.  I also stuck one of the foam hearts to the middle of my purple bow. I made a choker from a piece of red ribbon and gold stick-on star.

I wore gold star earrings and red heels which I already had, and I ordered the short bubble skirt on eBay for like $7.  Since it was so short I also wore skin-tone tights and red boy shorts underneath.  Finally, to make the makeup somewhat reminiscent of an anime character, I used false eyelashes on top (and half ones on bottom, flipped the other way obviously.  The rest of the makeup was just to make my eyes appear as big as possible, by lining the inner rims in white.  I got a lot of compliments, and I didn’t look like anyone else!  The only thing I think could’ve made it better is if my friends had been all the other characters!

Cute Homemade Costume for a Woman: Sexy Sailor Mars

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