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Sexy Sailor Squad and Tuxedo Mask Group Halloween Costume

My friends and I made these sexy Sailor Squad and Tuxedo Mask group Halloween costume for a Halloween social event for our sorority.  It took us the entire day to complete them, but it was worth it! We got a lot of compliments at the party, and we actually ended up winning 1st prize in the costume contest!

We came up with the idea because each one of us looked pretty similar to a different character from the Sailor Squad. One of my friends even has long blonde hair just like Sailor Moon, the main character. We also had a guy friend from one of the fraternities dress up as Tuxedo Mask, who is the lead male romantic role.

The best part of doing this was definitely that we had a great day making them together– as frustrated as we might have been at times. We really did a great job of helping each other out and making suggestions. It was pretty difficult because we made each of them from scratch. To make them, we each got a white t-shirt and a bunch of fabric from the store. Neither of us has any sewing experience, so we did our best to stitch something together!

The bows were easy, we just tied them and safety pinned them on to the “cape” we cut out to wear around our shoulders. As for the skirts, we just cut one long piece of fabric and then weaved colored ribbon through at the top to bunch it up. You could also just use a skirt you already have at home if it’s the proper color.

There are other members of the sailor squad if you want to go with more friends or do someone with a different hair color. It’s pretty easy, and its cheap!

Sexy Sailor Squad and Tuxedo Mask Group Halloween Costume

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