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Coolest Running Refrigerator Halloween Costume

I’ve been running a Halloween 5K for a few years now. For my first two years, I just repeated costumes I had used before. But for the third year, I was in need of an idea.

For some reason, the old “is your refrigerator running” joke popped into my head. And I knew I had to be a running refrigerator.

I found a rectangular box large enough to surround me. (Fortunately, I’m petite.) I cut off the bottom, keeping the longer folds as doors. I added arm and head holes, and attached a piece of cardboard to cover the opening so the doors could open.

I painted the box white, and cut food images from magazines to paste inside. I even went so far as to trim down sandwich bags to hold the cutout sandwiches.

A strip of Velcro held the doors closed. I decorated the front of the fridge with “magnets,” grocery lists, and notes. A cord from a broken lamp was the finishing touch. I attached it to the back, and held it as I ran.

I think I’ll have a hard time topping this one. Everybody loved it, and I won the costume contest!

Running Regriderator Costume

Running Regriderator Costume

Running Regriderator Costume

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