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Coolest Rubik’s Cube Halloween Costume

Looking for a costume for the ultimate smarty? Be a Rubik’s cube! Basically, this is just a variation on a box costume, so it is super easy to make.


-Either 3 boxes that when stacked together make a cubic shape or enough cardboard to make your own boxes that fit this description
-Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple paper
-Some awesome big glasses
-Black paper to cover the cardboard

The hardest part about this costume is making the boxes. I created my own by cutting cardboard to a good size and taping the pieces together to make the boxes in the exact right size. This was a bit tedious, but once that was done, the rest was a breeze.

I covered the cardboard with black paper using double sided sticky tape. I covered the top and bottom as well but left room so that I could fit in the middle.

Then, I just cut out squares of color and glued those on to the black and ta-dah! That’s it!

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10 thoughts on “Coolest Rubik’s Cube Halloween Costume”

  1. omg thanks a lot! I wanted to be a Rubik cube but I couldnt really think of how to do it except just one box.

    thanks lots

  2. i love this idea and hoping to use it for a party very soon, just wondering how you attached the three boxes? and kept them up?

    thanks =)

  3. I’ve made several cardboard costumes… keeping them on is easier than it looks. The lid to the top box is taped closed and a hole is cut out… the other three boxes are glued or attached some how to each other. It is slipped over head and the hole is only big enough for head so the box rests on shoulder… that’s it!!! these costumes are big hits at parties.

  4. WOW! Thats clever. I have been surfing the internet for a day looking for a creative and unusual costume to wear for Halloween. This has helped me a LOT!

  5. what about arm holes? anyone have any suggestions!!? i wanna be this for Halloween which is in less than a week!! please help ! i wanna wear this to school but i need arm holes ?! and i want to do this one, not the rubiks cube using just one box ! Thank you very much in advance !!!


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