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Coolest Rock And Roll Costume

We had my mom a 60th birthday party where everyone dressed up in the rock-n-roll era. I made my daughter Sofie, who was 3 at the time, a pink and black polka dot poodle skirt with her own Mary-Janes, socks and sweater. I got a half yard of fabric, cut it in a circle and cut out the center. Since I don’t sew I folded the edge of the waist over a rope and hot glued the edge down.

Leaving the ends of the rope hanging out I pulled the skirt on her and tied it in the back. I also cut out a strip of the fabric for the scarf and tied it around her neck. I found a print out of a poodle, traced it on white felt, traced the outline in black marker and glued a white pom pom on the tail and glued it to the skirt.

I still get compliments on the rock and roll costume and it has been borrowed many times since then for friends to wear. Cost $3 fabric from clearance bin and items we already had.

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