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Coolest Vintage Homemade 50s Costumes for Halloween
The idyllic appeal of the 1950s is always a popular costume theme for Halloween. Travel back in time through this awesome collection of DIY 50s costumes for your Halloween inspiration.

Bop your way around the clock in these cool homemade poodle skirts. Dress up as a greaser and head over to a sock hop. You will see variation of different types of poodle skirts that you can construct yourself.

In addition, a favorite DIY costume in this section is the hilarious pregnant housewife and milkman costume. One woman cleverly used a white piece of paper in vintage milk jugs and tricked everyone into thinking it was actual milk! Discover how to create the little details which really make this costume authentic.

So channel your clean cut goodness as you browse through this collection. Get inspired to create your own costume and share it with us here!