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Cute Homemade Greaser Baby Costume

We love dressing up for Halloween. My 15 month old son has a ton of hair so I wanted a costume that would show it off. My husband and I decided on a greaser, you know, like Danny Zuko from Grease or my fav, Wade Walker from Cry-Baby. Sounds easy, or so I thought, all I needed for a Greaser baby costume was a pair of jeans, black shoes, white tee and a sweet pompadour hairstyle. I could even find a little leather jacket and a pair of glasses. Of course we waited till the last minute and realized we didn’t have everything we needed, we used a pair of jeans and converse shoes he already had.

I ordered a leather jacket on eBay that ended up being way too big, luckily a friend had one saved from her son that we borrowed, but we couldn’t find a short sleeve plain white tee that would fit my son or a pair of glasses that would stay on his face. He may be 15 months but he still wears 9-12 month clothes plus all the stores were stocked for winter. I ended up buying a white long sleeve, cut the sleeves and rolled them. I couldn’t find a pair of black glasses that would fit his little face. He had two pairs from the summer but one was brown and the other orange. I almost spray painted his brown ones, but we had an idea. Maybe we could find some that go on a doll. We stopped by Build a Bear workshop and there they were.

Then came the “fun” part, trying to make a pompadour on a one year old. It was pretty funny, we had to check out some youtube videos first and give my son a lollipop to keep him still. We used a styling wax that worked really well but took about 100 washes to get out, haha. In the end his costume turned out just the way we envisioned. And to top it off, a friend of ours gave us their son’s old hot-rod stroller. How perfect was that timing? Hope you like our little Greaser’s costume.

Cute Homemade Greaser Baby Costume

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