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Coolest Homemade Goonies Group Costume

This is how we made this Goonies Group Costume.

Superman tee with sleeves ripped off, red suspenders, jeans torn off, workboots and head scarf all from our closets. Pirate hat, sword and bubba teeth from the costume shop.

Mama Fatelli:
Black dress, granny shoes from thrift store. Pearls and pistol from our collection. Beret ordered for .99 on ebay.

Sweatpants, running shorts, sweatshirt with sleeves ripped off, tennis shoes and chest expander from thrift shop. Red bandana from our collection.

Grey Members Only jacket from thrift store. Purple Rain tee ordered online. Jeans, chucks, hair gel and brush from our collection.

Hawaiian shirt from our collection. Plaid pants and red windbreaker from thrift shop. Wig from costume shop. Baby Ruth from grocery store!

Yellow sweater ordered on ebay. Added felt stripes to arm and “Troy” to chest with red marker. White polo, white skirt and white tennis shoes from our collection. Wig from costume shop

Stocking cap, inhaler, denim jacket, jeans, tee shirt and tennis shoes from our collection. Map ordered on ebay, cut out, glued to brown paper and “weathered”.

Jeans, tennis shoes, stocking cap from our collection. Yellow backpack from ebay. Grey sweater (with sleeves cut off and a white collar sewn into neck…the party we go to is always HOT), green trench coat with ebay patches sewn on from thrift shop. Mini boxing glove from ebay on a stick inside jacket. Chattering teeth from ebay on a mini slinky inside sleeve. Nerf gun “battery belt” from our collection, safety pinned to back of sweater. Chest appliance made from various electrical parts, inside was a bike reflector that lit up.

Red sweatshirt, “80’s” jeans from thrift shop. Big “80’s” glasses, white scarf, tee shirt, legwarmers from our collection. Wig from costume shop.

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  1. My little sister and I are going as Chunk and Sloth for Halloween this year. I was just wondering where you found the chunk wig. We have been looking for one for a long time and have yet to find one.


    Izzy + Lina (Sloth + Chunk)


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