Coolest Presidential Baby Stroller Costume

First drape the stroller in black cloth or dark navy. You can print out the signs for “The White House” and “Presidential Seal”. Take a piece of sturdy cardboard that you can zip tie to the stroller. This will serve as the podium. You can use a wand from an unused sprayer to serve as the microphone base. Take a curler and paint it black to serve as the microphone top.

You can pick up two American flags from the local discount store that will sit on either side of your President. Pick up a fancy little suit for your little one to wear in the stroller. For extra fun and not pictured you can make “campaign” signage to go along with your little politician. Who ever is pushing the stroller should wear an all black suit and dark glasses, they will be the “secret service” for your President baby.

Our Presidential Baby Stroller Costume was a hit!.