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Coolest Homemade Water Droplet in a Sink Stroller Costume

My husband wanted our baby to go as a leaky faucet because he drools so much – but I couldn’t figure out how to get a faucet on his head! SO, I thought the next best thing would be a Homemade Water Droplet in a Sink Stroller Costume.

The sink is made out of cardboard boxes, simply cut to fit over the back and the front of the stroller. I then covered the boxes in brown, plain paper and painted it white to make it more sink like. You could skip this step by using white paper if on hand.

The faucet and handles are made out of toilet paper rolls and Styrofoam glued together, then covered in foil. The curve in the faucet is made by bending the foil and the straight part is a paper towel roll. I used transparent tape to attach them to the top portion of the “sink”. I think used blue tissue paper to look like “water” and I simply held it in place by crinkling the foil around it slightly.

The bottom portion of the sink I put blue tissue paper around (I just tucked it in there) to look like water splashing out.

For the baby I used felt from the craft store (there was only white left!). I cut it into the shape of a tear drop and hot glued it together, leaving a space for his arms, the bottom open to slip over him easily and a space cut out for his face. It was easy to hold it up to him to get a general idea of where to put the holes. If you leave the arm hole spaces bigger than what you need it will make up for less than perfect measurements, but still look cute.

I spent $3 dollars for the large piece of felt at the craft store – everything else I had in the house. The box from the stroller, brown paper (you can use brown paper bags) from a shipment I received as well as the foam, foil from the kitchen, toilet paper rolls headed to recycling and tissue paper the a stash I already had (a variety of colors and roughly a hundred or so sheets can be purchased for 5 dollars at the craft store, or gift shops will sell them for about 25 cents per sheet).

For added effect, dress the baby in blue colors. If you don’t want a full body outfit you could use a hat and make it pointed to look like a water droplet. That way baby still has free movement if he is not comfy in a full outfit.

Total Spent: $3

Homemade Water Droplet in a Sink Stroller Costume

Homemade Water Droplet in a Sink Stroller Costume

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