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Coolest Baby ‘Bump’ Pregnancy Costume

I was pregnant and trying to find something creative to be, nothing was catching my eye. Until I was driving and saw a BUMP sign on the highway. I immediately thought of my belly and how everyone referred to it as a ‘baby bump’ and thought of how I could work that sign into my costume.

I decided painting a sign and dressing up the rest of the way as a construction worker was the best way to go. I spent less than 5 dollars on this Baby ‘Bump’ Pregnancy Costume. The hat was cheap plastic and only 25 cents. The belt was from a batman toy my nephew had and the paint was my only other expense! I wore a flannel jeans and work boots for the bottom. It was an absolute hit and I have fun telling everyone what my baby was for his first Halloween! I loved it and so did everyone else!

Coolest Baby 'Bump' Pregnancy Costume

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