Coolest Port-A-Buzz Costume

My husband and I decided to make a Homemade Port-A-Buzz Costume because his nickname is Buzz with all the friends we hang out with, and he was the construction guy using it. We like to do couple costumes so I had a shirt made so that I went as the maintenance person and carried a plunger with toilet paper.

We took a large box and cut the front into a door. We painted the entire box blue and wrote Port-A-Buzz on the front and back and wrote graffiti on the inside.

We bought a cheap toilet paper holder and door handle at a local store and screwed in onto the box. We took another smaller box, painted it blue, and put it inside with the pant legs and boots with sheets and hanger wires in them to keep them in place. He held a newspaper so you couldn’t see the gap where he was standing.

It took about 2 hours to make and total cost for both of us was about $30 (the tee shirt cost the most!).

Homemade Port-A-Buzz Costume

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