For our first Halloween together, I thought that Popeye and Olive Oyl was an obvious choice for us. I am tall and thin and he has very muscular arms.  The costumes were very easy, a black skirt and boots that I already had.  A long sleeve red t-shirt with a collar made out of white felt.  For his, a dark blue shirt with a sailor collar and buttons cut out of felt, a sailor hat and pipe purchased at a Halloween store and I drew anchors on his arms with a black marker.

The more complicated part of the costume was the can of spinach.   I wanted to include our dog in the costume and I thought turning him in a can of spinach would be unexpected.  I bought foam, foam glue, ribbon and a lot of felt.  The can was a piece of foam shaped in a half circle with supports made for each end out of more foam.  I glued it all together, fitting it perfectly to our dog.  Then, I covered it in the bright green felt and used yellow and red felt to make the label.  I cut spinach leaves out of dark green felt and glued those in the opening I left at the top of the costume so it looks like the spinach was coming out of a half opened can.  The can is tied onto the dog with ribbons that go across his chest.

We had a great time in this Popeye and Olive Oyl Couple Costume with a can of Spinach dog and it was really fun to include our dog.