This was our first Halloween as a family of three! So I knew I wanted to do something special. We decided to go with Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Swee’ Pea. I figured it would be fun to make the costumes myself. I purchased all the clothing pieces from a thrift store. The costumes were created with some simple gluing and sewing of felt and ribbon.

For Popeye, my husband wore a black collared shirt and light blue jeans. I sewed on a red bandanna cut in half onto the collar. I then glued a strip of black felt around the red collar, glued three yellow felt ‘buttons’, and glued light blue strips on the ends of the sleeves. My husband added his Dixie cup hat and black boots. I made the pipe by crazy gluing a wooden stick and wine bottle cork.

For Olive Oyl, a white felt collar was sewed on the front of the red blouse. I ironed on white ribbon to the ends of the sleeves and ironed on yellow ribbon on the black skirt. I wore white tube socks and brown boots to finish off the costume.

For Swee’ Pea, I figured my little one would not be comfortable in a sack so I decided to skip that idea. His is actually a Teletubby costume I found at a thrift store. A white felt collar and white felt strips were sewed on. Instead of removing the silver lining on the tummy, I decided to turn it into a spinach can. This was done by gluing green and yellow felt and writing “Spinach” across the yellow strip.

I could not find the right white hat, so I used a cheap red fishing hat for infants. I turned it inside out since it had white lining. I cut out the access rim to leave the front part only and covered any red by gluing white t-shirt scraps. Finally, I glued a black felt strip and two yellow felt circles on the ends and drew on anchor to finish it off. We were very happy with the end results!