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Coolest Popeye Halloween Costume

Each year I look for costume ideas that aren’t the latest trend or fashion. I like for my son to have a unique costume and this year was no different when I decided that he would have a Popeye Halloween costume. As I searched the internet for ideas I came across this site and based our version of the Popeye costume from some of the others posted here.

My mother in law is a genius and creates and sews dance costumes for local area high schools so she was just the person to recruit for help with this year’s costume. We went to the local Walmart and purchased a black turtle neck, black ribbon and some blue fabric (from the $1 section). We also picked up large white buttons and red fabric (from the scrap section) for the collar.

Using the turtle neck made the shirt really easy, we cut the collar completely off, and then cut the sleeves. After we attached the red fabric for the collar. Next blue fabric with elastic was added to the sleeves to create a tapered look to enhance Popeye’s muscles.

For the pants my mother in law created a pattern, you can copy any little girls flare legged pants, but she created our pattern freehand. I spray painted the buttons yellow-if you can find yellow buttons, buy em-we couldn’t find any. The last thing we had to do was attach the black ribbon to the back of the collar, we used fabric bond. I picked up the sailor hat and pipe from Party City, and we used a pair of brown boots to finish it off.

I wanted to throw in the spinach effect so I came up with the idea to use a paint can. We bought a plain paint can from our local Home Depot. I created a spinach label using clipart and word then adhered it to the paint can. I then took green shred (used for gift bags) and glued it to the top edge of the paint can to create the squeezed spinach effect. His costume was such a hit. He spent most of his day in costume so I didn’t use the muscles until trick or treating.

Our first idea was to take panty hose and cut out the crotch and holes for fingers but for a 3 year old it was hard to understand. So instead we used cut socks to create the muscles and covered them with panty hose that we tucked under the socks.
Total Spent about $20.

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