This was the fourth Halloween that my boyfriend and I spent together, and I wanted to be something cute together since we’ve never dressed up as a couple before.  Popeye and Olive Oyl seemed to be the cutest and easiest costumes to make. Being the broke college students we are, I wanted to spend the least amount of money that I could to achieve the look I wanted. With clothing we both had and some items borrowed, items bought off of Ebay and in Walmart, I only had to spend a total of $13.28!

Here’s our diversion of a cheap and easy Popeye and Olive Oyl couple Halloween costume and how I put the costumes together:

– Red short sleeve shirt under a black vneck
– Three cut out “buttons” from the yellow duck tape
– Real muscles
– Anchors drawn by the mister himself with sharpie
– Sailor hat: $5.99, Ebay
– Corncob pipe: $3.92, Ebay
– Light colored jeans
– Dark brown boots
– Spinach can: made from a plastic container.  Wrapped in yellow duck tape, loose leaf and crayon for the label, and cut out green colored pieces of loose leaf as the spinach

Olive Oyl:
– Red sweater, borrowed from my suite mate
– Detachable white collar, borrowed from my roommate
– Black body con skirt
– Yellow Duck Tape attached to skirt
– Red lipstick
– Black heels (which I kept off for the majority of the night)

Our friends absolutely loved our costumes.  We got so many compliments on them!  The whole night my boyfriend really got into character and in each picture he took he kept his Popeye face on, haha. Hope you enjoyed our quick, easy, and cheap version of Popeye and Olive Oyl.  Happy Halloween!