This year my partner and I made Popeye and Olive Oyl costumes for Halloween.

To create the disguise of Olive, we bought a red turtleneck sweater from a second hand store (EstrieAide located in the city of Sherbrooke, Quebec) and removed the turtleneck. I already had the skirt.

To create the Popeye costume, we bought three t-shirts, a red one, a black one and finally a beige one in the same second hand shop and we cut pieces of fabric.

The costumes we made from A to Z with the help of my stepmother. She sewed the pieces together and added some decorative items purchased at Fabriqueville (store in Sherbrooke city). We had no patron or model except the pictures uploaded on the Internet. So decorative elements were added to the eye, I asked my stepmother to add a blank line about here and there.
The decorative elements were the most expensive part of the costume. My stepmother was REALLY happy and proud to help us.

On October 31, I dressed as Olive at work, but I have gone unnoticed. Most of my co-worker thought I was dressed as a schoolgirl. In the evening I went to a Halloween party with my partner (Popeye). We took several photos together (see photos sent) and have put on Facebook. We had MANY comments and 98 likes.

We did not participate in any other competition, because it is the first that I know of and I found it by accident while searching an idea for our next year’s Halloween costumes.

It was me who had the idea to disguise ourselves like that.

The theme for our Halloween party was 70-80 years. We thought we would be the only ones to choose a cartoon that we saw at that time, but no, we were not the only ones. We were almost the only ones who had a suit handmade. The others were purchased in store. They therefore had less merit in my opinion.

We did a vote as to who preferred what costume and disguised Popeye came in fourth position out of 30!