Coolest Popcorn and Coke Costumes

For the popcorn costume you’ll need:

Cardboard Box
Felt Letters
Red Craft Paint
Quilt Batting
Yellow Spray Paint
White Hat (Very Basic Painters Type Hat)

Tape off cardboard box and paint red lines
When dry remove tape and apply felt letter “Popcorn .25″.

Pull batting apart but keep it in clumps; place on newspapers.

Lightly overspray batting with Yellow spray paint and glue large clump of painted batting onto white hat.

If I were to do this costume again I would have put armholes. She thought it would be easier to carry. I carried her candy bag.

Total Cost: $25

For the Coke Costume you’ll need:

Round Cardboard Tube (Purchased at Home Depot)
White Felt Letters
3 Yards Red Felt (Large Pieces)
1 Sheet of Flimsy Foam found in Craft sections
White Hat (Very basic painters type hat)
Straps (we used a Silver Duct tape and wrapped it within the holes of the tube; for additional support)

Cut armholes into circular tube.

Wrap tape firmly throughout armholes; we crisscrossed and squeezed the tape in our hand (to look like a rope).

Glue the Red Felt over the entire tube
Apply the word “Coke” and I made a swoosh looking symbol from scrap felt.

I took the flimsy foam and rolled it up, glued red felt on it to look like a stripe, & glued it to hat

This wasn’t the easiest costume I have made by far but the compliments made it worthwhile.

Cost: $30

Police Officer – this is the real deal; my husband :-)
Cost: Priceless

Made with a lot of Love!

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  1. My Sunday School class hosted a party tonight with a famous couple theme, and my husband and I decided a few days ago that we would go, which mean we needed a couple’s costume. I searched the Internet and found this page, and it all clicked. I had made a coke can a few years ago for a Halloween costume, so all I had to do is make the popcorn. I improvised a bit and only had to buy the spray paint and a mini glue gun and glue sticks. My husband had just bought a trash can for the kitchen, so I used that box and cut it up a bit.
    I had a long red piece of fabric that I used at as a red carpet at an Oscar night themed party, so I used exterior paint we had left over and painted stripes on in and then hot glued it to the box. I had a bunch of Halloween spiderwebs, so I used that and some cotton balls as the popcorn.
    Our costumes were a huge hit! Thank you so much for the idea! Ironically, we won a gift certificate to the movies!!! Perfect!!!

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