Coolest Hot Dog Vendor Costume

Hot Dog Vendor Costume - Get Your Hot Dogs

This is for the Hot Dog Vendor costume (the one in the middle). Supplies: White shirt Red Tie Cardboard Box (kind used for carrying canned cokes) Stick on Letters Empty Ketchup & Mustang bottled Hot Dog Buns & Aluminum Foil Rope We took a cardboard box (kind canned cokes come in) and used stick on … Read more

Coolest Popcorn and Coke Costumes

Homemade Popcorn and Coke Costumes

For the popcorn costume you’ll need: Cardboard Box Felt Letters Red Craft Paint Quilt Batting Yellow Spray Paint White Hat (Very Basic Painters Type Hat) Tape off cardboard box and paint red lines When dry remove tape and apply felt letter “Popcorn .25”. Pull batting apart but keep it in clumps; place on newspapers. Lightly … Read more

Coolest Devil Wears Prada Costume

The Devil Wears Prada Costume

This Devil Wears Prada costume was really easy to make! You’ll need: Devil Costume Devil Horns Iron-On Letters (3 packs to spell out Prada several times) Stockings I purchased a basic female Devil costume with horns. I took the Iron-on letters and arranged onto the costume the word “Prada” in several different places. Once I … Read more

Coolest Fear Factor Contestant Costume

Homemade Fear Factor Contestant Costume

Supplies for this costume: White Long Sleeve Shirt Jeans Knee & Elbow pads Goggles Transfer sheets that can be ironed onto clothing (buy @ Walmart) Different kinds of large (gross looking) squishy bugs She was told by so many people how creative this costume was & how much they loved it, so this was a … Read more

Cool Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

Homemade Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

Supplies for this costume: Raincoat Umbrella Several Stuffed Animals (Cats & Dogs) I used safety pins to secure the stuffed cats and dogs to the umbrella (on different areas of the umbrella). She wore the raincoat and carried the umbrella; I wouldn’t recommend this costume for a child younger than 5 (unless you use very … Read more