Coolest Fear Factor Contestant Costume

Supplies for this costume:
White Long Sleeve Shirt
Knee & Elbow pads
Transfer sheets that can be ironed onto clothing (buy @ Walmart)
Different kinds of large (gross looking) squishy bugs

She was told by so many people how creative this costume was & how much they loved it, so this was a favorite by far. I found a Fear Factor logo online and printed it onto the transfer sheets (be sure to select the MIRROR option in Printing Properties).

I then ironed the FF logo to the white long sleeve shirt. I hot glued one of the animals to the goggles; I pinned some of the to the shirt and hot glued some of them to the shirt. She wore the knee and elbow pads along with jeans and tennis shoes.

Have fun and don’t let Fear Be A Factor for You!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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