Coolest Devil Wears Prada Costume

This Devil Wears Prada costume was really easy to make! You’ll need:

Devil Costume
Devil Horns
Iron-On Letters (3 packs to spell out Prada several times)

I purchased a basic female Devil costume with horns. I took the Iron-on letters and arranged onto the costume the word “Prada” in several different places. Once I had them arranged where I wanted, I then followed the package directions and ironed them to the costume. Make sure you follow the iron-on instructions for the material the costume is made of (I had to use a very low heat setting).

If this were for someone other than a child I would purchase a shorter devil costume and put some super sexy shoes with it (kinda like the one’s worn in the movie).

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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