This Mad Hatter Halloween costume was a blast and a challenge to put together on a low low budget. The whole costume is made from items found in a thrift store.  An old checkered coat, spray painted in brown and green (camo look) with gold paint designs on cuffs for an embroidered look.  Gold painted dragonfly iron on lapel.

I cut off brown pants, with drawn on embroidered flowers.  An old floral vest with mix matched buttons, a white  tea dyed dress shirt with curtain lace sewn to cuffs, and hand painted bow tie. Strung a bunch of old tread spools together and sewed ribbons to the coat pockets.

The hat was the hard part. I glued and old vinyl record to the top of a cardboard tube that fit lose over his head. I covered the record and a cardboard tube using stretchy velvet like fabric (and old blouse) layered with lace (old curtains) and dark colored spray paint in many layers. The brim is a circle with wire sewn on the edge and a X cut out the center for the head to go through then I glued the excess X cut out fabric to the inside of the cardboard tube! An old pink scarf and I used buttons and kabob metal rods as hat pins glued it final touch was a peacock feather.