Coolest Hot Dog Vendor Costume

This is for the Hot Dog Vendor costume (the one in the middle).

White shirt
Red Tie
Cardboard Box (kind used for carrying canned cokes)
Stick on Letters
Empty Ketchup & Mustang bottled
Hot Dog Buns & Aluminum Foil

We took a cardboard box (kind canned cokes come in) and used stick on felt type letters to spell out “Hot Dogs .50”. We hot glued the Ketchup & Mustard bottles to the cardboard.

We also wrapped several buns in aluminum foil and hot glued them on top of one another. We put holes in the sides and she put it around her neck. We left the back area open and she used that area for candy she got from Trick or Treating.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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