Cool Food Vendor Homemade Costume for a Girl

Ok, so my girls challenge me EVERY YEAR during Halloween. I love a good challenge. My oldest wanted to be a FOOD VENDOR at a ball game….REALLY?!

So this is how I did it…

  • CAP: I got a white cap and sewed red strips on it. DONE CAP.
  • T-SHIRT: I got a white t-shirt and sewed red strips on that too. DONE SHIRT.
  • BUTTON: I made a Toronto Blue Jays button by printing off a logo and taping it on an old button I had. Put it on the shirt. DONE BUTTON.
  • FOOD BOX: I got a shoe box and my daughter painted it with white and red stripes. Printed off a Toronto Blue Jays button and glued it on. Then I got a pair of old suspenders and attached it to the box. Wrote the prices on the inside lid of the box. Threw in a few bags of chips (empty but stuffed so she wouldn’t get bombarded at school J). DONE FOOD BOX.
  • Her hair went up in a ponytail, she wore some jeans, put everything together and VOILA!!

Food Vendor costume complete. Easy, Huh?!