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Coolest DJ Wheelchair Costume

DJ Sean is our special needs child who loves music.  He is wheelchair bound and we decided after seeing a picture of a DJ wheelchair costume a year ago, to make our own version.  A ton of people love the costume; and enjoyed the old school DJ / dance music.  Lots of questions were asked as to how it was done; how long it took and how the music played. Some kids said it was the best costume they had ever seen.  Sean loved the costume and enjoying it for his 10th birthday on the 30th, as well as for Halloween.

DJ Wheelchair Costume Instructions

DJ Box

  • Find the right size DJ box and cut out side that will slide over wheelchair and can sit on wheelchair arms with Velcro.  Some kids’ wheelchairs have acrylic table tops that are held with Velcro and this box can fit over that.
  • Find smooth black construction type paper and cut to size and use spray adhesive to cover cardboard.
  • Use black and silver tape to outline the edges.

Front Box Detail

  • Find speaker grill covers and cut out a few notches so that screws can be used to hold the grills on the front of the box.
  • Use nuts on the backside to hold.
  • Use letter stickers to add words / names.

Left Side Detail

  • Use stickers to add words and cut out pictures of child enjoying music.

Right Side Detail

  • Use letter stickers and tape a string of battery powered strobe flashing lights around the three sides and Velcro batter box under near the box.

Top of DJ Box Detail

  • Add a controller with Velcro.
  • Add to pie tins with spray adhesive.
  • Poke holes in middle and use screws to adhere to records over tins that can spin.
  • Add battery powered spinning colored disco ball.
  • Add plastic cylinder which can hold two flexible sprays and wrap in aluminum and angle over records.

Wireless Music

  • Use a Smart phone but add a Bluetooth wireless speaker that can play the music from the phone with better quality and higher volume.
  • Put speaker in small cardboard box and Velcro underneath near front of box.
  • Put phone in small bag behind wheelchair.

Lastly, accessorize the DJ (shirt “Sir Drool a Lot”, gold chain, DJ hat, head phones).

Coolest DJ Wheelchair Costume

Coolest DJ Wheelchair Costume

Coolest DJ Wheelchair Costume

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