Coolest Peter and the Wolf Costume

For Christmas this year, my parents gave my son a record player and all my LP records. He fell in love with ‘Peter and the Wolf’ and ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ album and so he decided that he wanted to be Peter for Halloween this year.

I thought that this was going to be an intensive costume to make, but after a quick trip to the store, only two items had to be stitched.

We got 2 oversized red knit turtlenecks: one for the tunic shirt and another to use as fabric for the hat. The pants are girl’s leggings and the boots are black garden boots we found in the shoe department. The belt is a simple black belt that he will use in everyday wear.

My mother-in-law (the saintly seamstress) found a cap pattern and used the additional turtleneck material to make it with a velveteen bill. She made a ‘game bag’ and we reused a wolf tail (found on eBay for last year’s Halloween costume) pinned in the bag to show Peter had indeed killed the wolf.

Finally, I found a cork pop-gun on eBay to complete the ensemble. He’s worn his costume to our fall festival and can’t wait to wear it again on Halloween. I’m most excited about the fact that everything we got can really be reused in a practical fashion after October 31.

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