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Cool Pet Costume

I took a large plastic bag (the ones made for gift wrapping baskets) and cut two holes in it for my dog’s front feet. Then I reinforced the holes with felt circles. I cut the end of the bag off so that the costume could be slid on to my dog.

To keep this pet costume on I used ribbon. I weaved it through both ends of the bag and one ties around her waste, the other ties around her neck. Then I stuffed the bag full of “jelly beans” or balloons. I used the balloons that they use to make balloon animals. I would blow it up a little and then tie it off on both ends and cut the “bean” off, then I’d repeat. Each individual balloon gave me 4-5 beans. Then I hand painted speckles on the balloons to resemble real Jelly Belly jelly beans.

For the hat, I used the excess from the bag. I cut out a strip of black construction paper and stapled it into a circular form. Then I stapled plastic pieces all around it. Then I stapled ribbon around to make it pretty. You could also use glue, but staples are more secure.

I printed off Jelly Belly logo and glued it to the inside of the back of the bag. That’s it!

11 thoughts on “Cool Pet Costume”

  1. I made this costume for my dog. It’s great! I thought he would eat the plastic bag, but he didn’t. I would recommend this costume to anyone!

  2. My birthdays on halloween so my mom is making my dog a costume because me and my sister are to old to dress up, and this is so cute!


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