Coolest Penguin and The Riddler

Danny Divito stars as the Penguin! This Penguin and the Riddler costme was a great idea and a lot of fun and was not hard at all!

The Penguin: Tons of white make up! I went over and over my face until I felt like it was going to crack! I took black and painted my eyes with painted black eye brows. My glasses are fake glasses I purchased at a Costume store for a Harry potter Costume.

We looked at the cover of Batman for our ideas! I wore a black top hat and I have long blond hair. I painted it pitch black with hair paint and put it in a low pony tail. I had a white dress shirt and a black vest and Tie and black pants.

The Riddler used green pajamas she had trimmed in black and we took stencils and painted question marks all over this outfit. This part was very time consuming because we wanted it to look like it was not painted on so we went over it and over it! She wore a green short hat with Red sunglasses.

It was funny, the club we went to that night, everyone there knew us well and they kept coming up all night asking the Riddler where I was(the penguin). They did not know it was me in that costume I made a good disguise!

We love Halloween and we dress up every year and we make our own costumes because to us that is what makes it fun!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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