Coolest DIY Batman Penguin Costume for a Child

batman penguin costume

Costume Inspiration From Tim Burton’s Batman Movies Last year HBO was constantly playing the Tim Burton Batman movies. So, naturally, my son got into them. While we were watching them he suggested that he wanted to be Batman for Halloween. I said what about a villain, you never see the kids dressing up as them. … Read more

Coolest Penguin Costume that Cost only $10

Coolest Penguin Costume that Cost only $10

Materials used for this homemade Penguin costume: Man’s suit White dress shirt Bow tie White gloves Silver vest/cumber bun and hankie Top hat Monocle “Cigarette” Umbrella My sister was Penguin for Halloween 2013. This was the easiest costume to put together. We bought a man’s suit coat at the thrift store and she wore black … Read more

Coolest Penguin and The Riddler

Penguin and The Riddler from The batman Movie

Danny Divito stars as the Penguin! This Penguin and the Riddler costme was a great idea and a lot of fun and was not hard at all! The Penguin: Tons of white make up! I went over and over my face until I felt like it was going to crack! I took black and painted … Read more