Coolest Homemade Batman Villians Group Costume

My friends and I were originally going to be the cast of The Little Mermaid but realized that would be way to hard to make in one month. So we were brainstorming and the idea of a Homemade Batman Villians Group Costume came up. When planning this we had no idea how amazing we would end up looking.

Our characters consisted of The Riddler, Penguin Man, Poison Ivy, The original Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face and Cat woman. Here is a breakdown of each costume.

The Riddler : This was a bit of challenge because we wanted the Riddler to still look cute but accurate because this was going to be worn by a girl. Luckily when visiting the mall we found neon green leggings and a long sleeve shirt. So from there she painted each question mark all over the two pieces with fabric paint and let it dry over night. Instead of a mask I painted a mask on her face as makeup and we used a old short bob wig and sprayed it red. She also made the question mark stick out of plywood and prayed it gold, now THAT is dedication.

Penguin Man : Surprisingly this turned out to be one of the best and it was completely last minute! We borrowed my Stepdads suit and stuffed it to make him fatter. Then we took a bald cap and hot glued pieces of hair at the bottom from an old wig. For the penguin hands we took old sock and cut and glued them together like penguin hands. The monacle was made 5 minutes before we went out from old glasses, a necklace and hot glue.

Poison Ivy: This was my costume, I was searching for a base forever, and I swear by an act of god or something I found a vintage gold lamae bathing suit with a corset sewn in in my size for 8 dollars at my favorite thrift store. So I went to Michael’s bought about 4 bunches of Ivy leaves and I painted all of the edges gold and hot glued them all over the bathing suit. For the arm bands and leggings I bought neon green leggings and attached ivy leaves at the top and bottom. Now the big challenge… the infamous red hair. I am blonde and my hair isn’t long so I bought two sets of fake hair (at 3$ a piece at any wig/ethnic hair store)and my friend braided the red hair halfway in and had my hair on top which I sprayed red, it looked amazing! And much cheaper and more realistic then a wig.

The Joker: This was hardest challenge of them all, how was I going to make a dark skinned African American man as white as snow? Three layers of Ben Nye white makeup and powder did the trick! It was impossible to find a purple suit with tails so he bought an old vintage suit and spray painted it purple, and his shirt orange. He ended up looking so much like the joker it kind of scared me.

Harley Quinn: so for this we took two different leotards and tights (red and black) cut them up and sewed them back together. She cut diamonds and hot glued those on. Now for the face and hair I refused to use a mask or head piece so I painted her face white and black to look like the mask and for the hair i put it in pigtails, ratted the hair then stuck a wire hanger through her hair to make them stay. Then we just sprayed her hair red and black.

Two Face: was extremely last minute! We took an old suit and pants and painted one side pink zebra print and kept the other side regular. Then with the left over hair from poison ivy he braided it into one side of his hair and slicked the other side. He also shaved off one eyebrow and half of his mustache so he could paint one side of his face to look like two face

Cat woman: For this she bought a black unitard and for the stitching she used white yarn and stitched it around the unitard in various places. She bought a plain cat woman mask spirit gummed it to her face and stitched white stitching all around. Now for the claws she wanted to be able to still use her hands so she got long black gloves and hot glued long black nails to them. For the tail she bought a long whip and wrapped it around her waist as a tail.

Total time to make Homemade Batman Villians Group Costume : three very, very VERY long days.

Most were all put together and everyone took care of their own costumes, but I did all of the makeup and hair.

Batman Villians for life!

 Batman villians Group Costume

 Batman villians Group Costume

 Batman villians Group Costume

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