I had always dreamed of being Poison Ivy for Halloween since the first time I saw Uma Thurman in Batman and Robin (1997). 2010 was the year I decided to go for it! My friends really liked the idea as well and wanted to join in the fun, so we decided to be the Batman gang (Batman, Cat Woman and Poison Ivy). All our costumes were homemade together.

Poison Ivy: A simple green dress covered in fake tree leaves that I decorated with glitter and green and gold sequins. The most exciting part of the costume was the red wig that went along with it which I bought on Amazon.

Cat woman: Was a simple black dress and a head band cat ears we made from felt and a bando.

Batman: We used reflector material to cut out the batman logo and stuck it onto a simple black dress with fabric glue. The mask makeup was the best part of this costume.

We all had a great time making our Batman, Catwoman and Poison Ivy Girl Group Costume together, and they definitely stood out. Our friends reactions were priceless and we had an amazing night. The best part for me was being able to totally transform my looks with the red wig and makeup.