Coolest Original Disney Queen of Hearts Costume

This Homemade Original Disney Queen of Hearts Costume is my version of the original Disney Queen of Hearts from the animated movie. The crown is a beer can that I painted gold and my hair is held up with a q-tip. The earrings were created out of wooden decorations and also painted gold. I made the paddle with extra thick craft foam, self-stick felt, and a wooden dowel.

The dress was entirely made from scratch combining 5 different patterns; one for the collar (which didn’t turn out exactly right, but I am planning on re-enforcing it), one for the neckline, one for the bodice, once for the sleeves, and finally, one for the skirt. The hoop skirt was purchased and modified to create a more bell shape. The pantaloons were made from a purchased pantaloon pattern.

This took me about 2 months to create with the help of my mother and sister. This was by far the most difficult thing I have ever made.

Homemade Original Disney Queen of Hearts Costume

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Original Disney Queen of Hearts Costume”

  1. I am attempting to create a Queen of Hearts costume for this halloween, but I’m not sure how much fabric to get. Do you remember how much red, black, yellow, and white it took? Could you email me at and let me know if you remember? Thanks,
    Taryn K

  2. Would you be willing to sell this dress?
    Our daughter Izabella (Belle) is turnig 6 in April at her un-birthday party I would love to surprise her with the Queen of Hearts making a grand entrance but I cannot sew AT ALL!

    Either way please contact me at

  3. Hi! I’m trying to make a Queen of Hearts costume for myself and I was curious how you did the front middle of the dress. I’m super stuck on that part.


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